Human Trafficking


Please join us! On behalf of the Faith-based Task Force on Human Trafficking we would like to invite you to join us in an effort to mobilize prayer around the issue of human trafficking.

Freedom Friday's Prayer Directive...  >>>link

Right now, the largest slave trade in history is taking place around the world and even in our own city. This slavery, called human trafficking, is a hidden evil that affects everyone, but especially women and children. Human trafficking is cloaked in darkness, confusion, fear, misunderstanding and control and many who try to take action, feel overwhelmed by the size of the task. As persons of faith, however, we can call on an Almighty God who longs for us to join our hearts and prayers on behalf of those who suffer.

A group of us have committed to making Friday lunchtime a period of prayer and fasting, specifically to end human trafficking. Please join us in making a difference in our world.

Outline of Prayer Initiative to End Human Trafficking:

Prayer and fasting every Friday at lunchtime. This specific time is to help us be intentional about our prayers, corporate in our attack, unified in our approach. Through fasting we want to both identify with the victims of human trafficking in the world and align ourselves with God's heart in prayer for the abolishing of it.

Release the Captives Prayer Weekend
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Prayer Guide
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This is easy. Join our movement by making a verbal/or email commitment to join us. You can do this alone or get together with some friends! Send us your commitment to "prayer @" and we'll send you a bi-weekly email to help give you direction as you pray.

Weekly, this could be anywhere and everywhere—church, park, home, coffee shop—anywhere you'd like to meet with those who are already praying or where you like to pray yourself.

Also, every six weeks we'd like to offer a specific location around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland where we can have a corporate gathering of prayer focused on human-trafficking. If your church would like to host one, please email Danielle at for details.

Every Friday, though you could pick a different day of the week.

Please consider joining us in this move to end human trafficking now.

Great Grace,

Danielle Strickland
614 Vancouver

>> more info on what you can do to help end Human Trafficking available at SA Roots Online...


Freedom Fridays
Prayer guide for August 25 & September 1, 2006

Excerpted from PSALM 24 (Msg):
“Who can climb Mount God? Who can scale the holy north-face? Only the clean-handed, only the pure-hearted …
God is at their side; with God’s help they make it. This, Jacob, is what happens to God-seekers, god-questers.
Wake up, you sleepyhead city! Wake up you sleepy-head people! King-Glory is ready to enter.”

“Nobody gets into heaven without a letter of reference from the poor.”
—Reverend James Forbes

Prayer points:
Three Victims. Please pray for three victims of human trafficking who have been surfaced to us these past two weeks. Pray for wisdom as we walk with them. Thank you, Lord, for opening doors and allowing us to journey with these precious souls. We pray for their salvation, that they may see the Kingdom of God. May they see Your love in us.
The first annual International Weekend of Prayer and Fasting for Victims of Trafficking: September 29-October 2. Please join us in prayer for this initiative. Also, we stand together, petitioning God to “change things, to free captives, to end these evils, and to guide and empower Christians to serve, to prevent, to rescue and to restore. For more information, see


Fasting - a little guide
by Major Joe Bailey

My back seems to get up – subtly but firmly – when I hear people talk about fasting. And when I read of heroes of the faith and come across references to fasting, I easily make excuses, “they are the real heroes; surely I’m not called to such heights of glory.” But, then I remember the words of Jesus about fasting, including, “when the bridegroom will be taken from them, then they will fast.” (Mt 9:15) And I think of all the other ordinary and extraordinary people in Scripture who prayed and fasted when they were facing difficult or seemingly impossible circumstances: Moses, Esther, Anna, Jesus, Paul and many others. Today we face horrific atrocities and unthinkable brutalities that are done against mostly women and children. What can I do? I can pray! I can fast! I must intercede and seek ways to intervene – through fasting and prayer. Together around the world, we, sisters and brothers in Jesus Christ and by the Holy Spirit, call on God our Father to bring change.

Scriptural fasting is abstinence from food or certain kinds of foods. Jesus is one of several people who fasted 40 days and nights. He and others went without food for that extended time. Daniel and his three friends fasted from meats and other fine foods. They continued to eat. (Dan 1:8-17) There are various ways of participating in a time of fasting. Choose the way that is right for you. For example, medical limitations such as diabetes must be taken into account. Whatever you choose let it be a reminder to you and strength for you to draw near to God and to intercede on behalf of people victimized by evil. And if you are so empowered, put on the whole armor of God and engage in the battle against the forces of wickedness that have deceived and enslaved people. (See Eph. 6:10-20) Trust God for great victories, for the victory is already ours in Christ Jesus, who is Lord of all.

If you are planning on a total fast from all foods except water, then prepare for it. You may wish to consult with your medical doctor. Fasting is not advisable for some people. Wean yourself from coffee several days ahead of time. Get past the caffeine addiction so headaches won’t incapacitate you. Don’t overeat the day before starting. Drink plenty of water while fasting. Variations include replacing some of your water intake with juices or tea. Get enough sleep. You might consider keeping a journal. In the early days of a fast you may experience headaches and hunger pangs. Normally these will pass. Cover your family, loved ones and workplace in prayer. Then focus prayers and attention on intercession on behalf of people victimized by trafficking in persons. Be careful about extended fasts. You may wish to secure spiritual and medical guidance. At the end of your fast, don’t overeat. You may wish to share with others what you learned and what you sensed God calling you to do about this issue.

For all who participate in this weekend of prayer and fasting, please also learn about the issues and consider what our Father calls and empowers you to do.







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