What we Believe <<>>
The eleven doctrines of The Salvation Army

Armybarmy Blog  <<>>
Blog of selected proponents of primitive salvationism emanating from 614 Vancouver

JAC  <<>>
 Journal of Aggressive Christianity

The War College  <<>>
 training salvation warriors for the 21st century

614 Ministries  <<>>
inspired by Isaiah 61:4 and the challenge: Rebuild, Restore, Renew

Upcoming events  <<>>
various conferences, training opportunities for Christian growth

Armybarmy library  <<>>
collection of video - audio - print material

Youth Resources  <<>>

Radio Shots  <<>>
60 second Christmas reflections

60 Seconds  <<>>
short devotional encouragement from Bible passages

Sermons online from great speakers
General Eva Burrows
General Bram Tillsley
Aggressive Christianity conference
Double Impact 2004 conference
Captain Stephen Court
Captain Danielle Strickland
Captain Robert Marshall
Major Janet Munn
Michael Collins
unlimited 2003, the conference

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books, CD's, downloads, other resources available online

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links to other useful sites

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