614 :  A hope in hell

Isaiah 61:4 "They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated; they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations."

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Cherie and Aaron White are both Corps Sergeant Majors of 614 Vancouver, offering incarnational, bi-vocational leadership to this cell-based corps. Cherie is involved with cells, prophetic art, evangelism, Warrior Academy, discipling, and the Journey, while Aaron concentrates on organizing children's cells. They lead a growing family. They have served God in The Salvation Army in England and Canada. Aaron is author of FUTURIZE, REVOLUTION, and HITCH HIKER'S GUIDE TO THE KINGDOM.

Carla & Jonathan Evans are multiplying pioneers of cells and outposts who help lead 614 Vancouver and The War College. They share four university degrees and a growing family. Both officers' kids, the Evanses have served God in cities across Canada and bring a passion emerging out of intimacy to their roles as Corps Secretary and Corps Training Secretary. Carla organises several projects and leads a cell, while Jonathan disciples, leads a cell, and coordinates the training programme for The War College.

Tara Ayer is the Recruiting Sergeant for 614 Vancouver, responsible for overseeing evangelism and discipling toward and beyond covenantal soldiership. A graduate of The War College Death and Glory Session, and recipient of an APM from Wagner Leadership Institute, Tara coordinates these fundamental aspects of this young corps. Having served in corps in four regions of the continent, Tara brings a wide perspective to the role.

Jeni Parsons coordinates prayer for 614 Vancouver and The War College. This includes The War Room, (the non-stop prayer room started in early 2004), and knee drill (our weekly prayer meeting). A former staff member of Youth With A Mission, Jeni provides an experienced prophetic dimension to the war in the downtown eastside and teaches courses in prayer and the prophetic.

Elaine and Ian Gillingham, founders of 614 Vancouver and The War College, lead one of the outposts of the corps, 614 London. Highly gifted and highly committed warriors, the Gillinghams are modelling incarnational, bi-vocational warfare with their team of rabid war-fighters. 614 London began in July of 2005 and is being blessed by God. Gifted in prophetic and apostolic, the Gillinghams are strong in discipleship and intercession. They also lead a large family in the fear and friendship of Jesus.

Xander Coleman and Regan Lipsett have established another of the 614 Vancouver outposts in partnership with Metrotown Citadel, in Metrotown, a community outside of Vancouver. They combine energy and sincerity with faith and commitment to see many of the more fragile in their community redeemed. Regan hales from BC while Xander is an import from Australia. Both are graduates of The War College in the Martyrs Session.

Fleur Hodge and crew have established another outpost, in partnership with Adelaide Congress Hall, this one in Adelaide, Australia, called, Gen1. Located in a classic location in downtown of Adelaide, these slum sisters and their growing leadership group are another example of incarnational, bi-vocational warfare for Jesus. Walking in favour and combining gifts to reach and teach the lost, Hodge and crew are extending the influence of The Army into some new (and very old) places. Fleur is a graduate of The War College in the Martyrs Session.

Nicole Brindle and crew are starting an outpost in downtown Victoria in partnership with the High Point Corps. Aiming to connect and mobilise teens in neighbouring Esquimault, the crew will be targeting the street youth in the notorious part of downtown Victoria. Nicole and her fighting team will combine energy and faith with magnetic friendliness and passion to accomplish their goals. Brindle is a graduate of The War College in the Martyrs Session.

Heather and Rob Dolby, Death and Glory Session, are establishing an outpost in Charlotte, North Carolina. Located in one of the more dangerous parts of town, they are starting with a focus on community and children. Heather has been known as the Blushing Prophet, and Rob was a fixture in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, where, as a trophy of grace, he influenced many for Jesus. Together, they lead a gifted team that is already bringing bright light to dark streets, dark houses (not many homes) and dark hearts.

Captains Danielle Strickland and Stephen Court invest in several initiatives to help win the world for Jesus, including MMCCXX, a plot to see new outposts in 2,000 cities in 200 countries in 20 years, BE A HERO Campaign to raise up 10,000 heroes for children-at-risk, armybarmy.com, Journal of Aggressive Christianity, and books and CDs, all while seeking authentic Christian community and trying to incite a Jesus Revolution.


Fronts of the 614 War

RE:cre8 Cafe opens up to an alley near Hastings and Abbott. Open six mornings a week and each evening, it provides a safe, dry, friendly places to develop relationships. Operated nearly completely by 614 warriors, RE:cre8 as become a hub of community in the neighbourhood and a great drawing pool for cells.

RE:genr8 is our cell-based children's initiative, reaching kids in several neighbourhoods surrounding our district.

The War College While the War remains the same, the third millennium has introduced a myriad of changes to the nature of the battles we face. Soldiers require training to face these old enemies in new garb with an effective Godly response. This School honours our heritage while establishing a legacy for the next generation.

War Room A 24hour/ day, seven day/ week prayer meeting operating since February 2004. The War Room is located in a slum hotel room, overlooking the symbolic centre of destruction in the neighbourhood. 614 cell-mates, War College students and brothers and sisters from outside churches join together in prayer for Yahweh to establish His presence in the downtown eastside, in Canada and across the globe.

Kneedrill The weekly prayer meeting of 614 Vancouver, held in a Salvation Army Emergency Shelter.

Warrior Academy The Warrior Academy trains the next generation of warriors for battle. Children are given lessons each day in general education as well as Bible stories and Christian living.

The Journey: marginalized women from the Downtown Eastside travel on a voluntary basis to Linwood House (a partner) for a 2-3 day retreat of both structured and unstructured activities. The schedule includes significant time for rest, nutrition, exercise and personal sharing.

Hope Renfrew: a community house for at-risk women in Vancouver. Hope Renfrew is about sacred space for women to live in abundance and community as they escape a life that may have included addictions and prostitution on the Downtown Eastside.

Apartment Homes Expanding and establishing authentic community in the DTES (Downtown Eastside of Vancouver). Shared living for love's purposes. The people are mixed but the mission is the same: love.

Anti- Human Trafficking Initiative Expanding awareness of the Human Trafficking problem, and looking for ways to make a difference.   >>more info



Why on earth are we fighting in Canada's poorest postal code?

There are a few reasons:

- God wants us to be here;

- Jesus has a bias towards the poor;

- some people are currently bound for hell.

Why are we employing the strategies we are using?

Primitive Salvationism (Charismatic-flavoured, mission-focused heroism):
In SA history it is the one strain of Salvationism with a proven city-winning, nation-shaking record.

The principle is impact through contact. With few exceptions you have to be close to someone to touch him/her.

It is biblical, primitive Salvationst; it blows the ceiling off growth possibilities; it is mobile; it is intimate; it facilitates the cultivation of the use of gifts; it eases evangelism into discipleship...

MMCCXX (vision to see new outposts in 2,000 cities in 200 countries in 20 years):
These will be primarily bivocational and incarnational (specifically cell-based). This costs nothing for property and nothing for personnel. It is very flexible. It is a growing network around the world. To be involved contact us at revolution @ mmccxx.net








...the 614 Vancouver battleplan - Downtown Eastside

Stage 1 - Infiltration

- identify mission points & people

- become a righteous presence
     (MOVE IN)

- get inside the community
     (JOIN UP)

- prayer walks/ spiritual strategy

- build relationships

- USOs
     (undercover special operations)

- start cells

Stage 2 - Integration

- conversions/ discipleship

- deliverance/ healing

- establish an authentic Christian

- vibrant cell life
     (expand cell system)



Stage 3 - Invasion

- public meetings

- large open venues
     (evangelistic campaigns)

- entrepreneurial social justice

614 Growth Chart



God provides opportunities; lifts blindness; brings conviction; forgives and regenerates.

You make friends (USOs, etc.); pray for conviction; invite into community (614) and into the Kingdom (via repentance and faith).

614 provides cells, Knee Drill, VHOP, 7 Steps, prophetic prayer, prayer cover, Alpha.

Outcome: The individual repents and relies on Jesus, joins community and Kingdom.

This is Prophetic and Evangelistic Warfare.



God creates a sense of belonging; delivers from evil; establishes new foundation; delights in gifting people.

You spiritually sponsor them; intercede for them; train and disciple them, serve alongside.

614 provides Arrival Kit, Journey Guide, cells, Freedom Days, discipling courses (Experiencing God, Salvationism 101, etc.), and CELLabrations.

Outcome: The individual receives deliverance and healing, establishes Godly disciplines, begins expanding the community by inviting friends, and submits to the leadership.

This is Teaching and Shepherding Warfare.



God anoints and appoints.

You multiply yourself through them, deploy them, and enable them.

614 provides Salvationism 201, 301, opportunities for leading cells, multiplying cells, The War College, accountability, and discipling.

Outcome: The individual warrior leads a cell and disciples people; the individual leader multiplies cells and trains others to disciple people.

This is Apostolic Warfare.

Note that the four-fold offices are active through the Growth Chart.

How can you be involved?

614 War: How can you help? You can pray. We send out a weekly intercessor's update by email. If you are interested in committing to this important role please email intercession 614 @ gmail.com

The War Room
is the non-stop prayer room overlooking Ground Zero - Main and Hastings. (since February 2004). You might not be able to get down to the War Room to pray, but here are some sponsoring options:
one day: $14 Cdn
one week: $100 Cdn

Warrior Academy is the spiritual and academic training initiative for some children in our neighbourhood. How can you help? teacher sponsorship- one week: $50 Cdn
curriculum contribution: $25 Cdn

The War College is a one- year warfare training school (thewarcollege.com). How can you participate?
You can establish a scholarship!
                             full: $6,000 Cdn
half: $3,000 Cdn
quarter: $1,500 Cdn
other: $500 Cdn
>> more info on how to establish a scholarship

The Journey is a three day retreat for marginalized women from the downtown eastside of Vancouver. How can you help?
one lady's trip: $100 Cdn

Hope Renfrew is a community house for at-risk women in Vancouver. How can you help?
one woman's stay for one week: $100 Cdn
contribution towards operations: $50 Cdn

RE:Cre8  How can you help?
one worker/one week sponsorship: $50 Cdn

RE:gener8: children's outreach. How can you help?
one school outreach contribution: $50 Cdn

anti-human trafficking: how can you help?
you can fast and pray (freedom fridays.... sign up for an email directive)
                            $20 for one basic awareness seminar information packet
$50 towards a training programme for frontline workers
$100 toward the cost of operating a covert operation team
$200 towards the cost of housing human trafficked victims in Vancouver
>>Check out further ideas for fighting human trafficking...

For more information, please contact Captain Stephen Court at info@thewarcollege.com

614 Posters

Poster # 1 - Injustice

Poster # 2 - Poverty

Poster # 3 - Be a hope in hell

Poster # 4 - Praxis



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