Special Edition - GENERAL COUNSEL
Journal of Aggressive Christianity #114 
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Reinventing the Movement

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Commissioner Jim Knaggs wrote a provocative blog asking several questions around the idea that it might be time to reinvent the movement of The Salvation Army.  Noland and Court applied Alan Hirsch's missional DNA components to each of Knaggs's questions and generated some possible futures for the Army.  The result is REINVENTING THE MOVEMENT: What if Knaggs is right?  General Paul Rader contributes the insightful foreword to this challenging book.

Published by The Salvation Army, USA Western Territory, 2016

'RATIONS'   book

We want to stay close to Jesus. For some of us, that requires GETTING close, first. For all of us, it demands a daily dedication to God, time alone with Him in prayer and with the Scriptures.

In The Salvation Army we call this essential discipline RATIONS. Just as a military soldier gets daily nutritional intake of food and drink to fuel his/her military efforts for king and country, a salvation soldier needs daily spiritual intake of PRAYER and the WORD to fuel his/her spiritual efforts for the Lord.

SA Soldier Training Series

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   Pray for the
Abolishment of Human Trafficking



Salvation Army Doctrines Poster

created by
Rebecca Austin
Revolution session The War College

Pastoral letters from the General

A series of Pastoral Letters from the General to every Salvationist across the world.
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   Your Song

This song by Salvationist Dion Durdle, is from the album
'The Real Rock and Roll'.  You can access Dion's music at:

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