The SA Soldier Training Series

SA101 - Captains Danielle Strickland and Stephen Court provide a primitive Salvationist training tool for recruits of The Salvation Army. When successfully completed, a recruit should be prepared for the life-long adventure of senior soldiership. This course covers the doctrines, the disciplines, and the distinctives of Salvationism. 
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SA201 - Captains Strickland and Court team up for a challenging sequel to the popular SA101, with an issues-based course for soldiers. Drawing heavily on our pioneering roots, 201 gives good reasons to believe what we believe and to do what we do, as well as challenging and equipping us for the great Salvation War.
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SA301 - This daily study course mobilizes strong Salvationist warriors to teach on their areas of gifting. Each week your study group meets to discuss the penetrating questions and engage in dynamic group activities.
This is the longest and most intense of the SA Series.
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You have renowned holiness teacher Commissioner Ed Read (PtoG) in his most mature reflection on his favourite subject- holiness

John and Allison Norton expounding on mission.
Kevin Kennelly teaches on spiritual warfare.
Captain Paul Henderson teaches on leadership.
Captain Doug Hammond teaches on discipleship.
Captain Denise Walker teaches on postmodernism.
Captain Curtis Butler teaches on cross-cultural Gospel.
Cathi Kennelly teaches the ward system.
Elaine Gillingham teaches on the prophetic.
Captain Danielle Strickland teaches on prayer.
Captain Stephen Court teaches Spirit Binge.


armybarmy is excited to provide you with high quality training material in Adobe PDF format.  The PDF format retains the layout and content for print and display on almost all computers worldwide.

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A devotional book for Revos

revoDevos are crafted
by students and staff
of The War College

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Word file to print as a booklet





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