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From Here... We Can See The End Of The World
by Colonel Richard Munn

A renowned New Yorker magazine artistic cover depicts detailed Manhattan streets prominently at the forefront and fading overseas continents vaguely way off into the distance.  Yup, we know our own neighborhoods very well, and can be only dimly aware of great cultures afar off.

Not so the gospel story.  Not so our Salvation Army story. 

From solitary Abraham who catches a global vision that ‘all nations of the world’ will be blessed through him, to Jesus who challenges his followers to ‘make disciples of all nations,’ to John who on the speck of an island catches a consummate vision where ‘every nation, tribe, people and language’ are before the throne of God, the gospel story from Genesis to Revelation is decidedly expansive and global.


(NT Greek) Panta ta ethne – ‘all people groups.’  Genesis 12, Matthew 28 and Revelation 7 – what a trio.


Fast forward almost a couple of millennia and William Booth pens ‘the whole world redeeming’ and his precocious daughter, Evangeline, then adds a second reverberation, ‘the world for God.’


Panta ta ethne redeeming; Panta ta ethne for God.


You and I are part of a Christianity that is relentlessly multi-cultural and global; and, we are soldiers in an army that is inspiringly inter-joined around the world.  The former gives us a great vision; the latter disabuses us from paltry self-centeredness.  My friend who left a medium-sized corps to join a burgeoning 800-member congregation later confided in me, ‘I miss the internationalism, 800, that’s it.’


So, JAC colleagues, let’s go global.  You can see the end of the world from where you are, and it is beautiful.  From my mother who faithfully gave 20 a month to a Tanzanian grandma charity, to the Costa Rican men’s group that came and painted our local corps gym, to the international retired officers fund, to Others Trade for Hope, the list can go on, and the opportunities for interchange are boundless.  It is no coincidence that every territory contributes to the World Services campaign.


More than that, however, missionally and theologically we must deliberately adopt a posture of humility and mutual respect.  And then, we are liberated to expend every effort in our sphere of influence to make it pulsate with panta ta ethne – musical groups, corps councils, congregations, cadet bodies, periodicals, special guests and leadership teams.


Happy 150th JAC – may your circulation go panta ta ethne.












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