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Conversion without discipleship

(A 'chief danger' of the 21st century)


This is gigantic.  We’re meant to make disciples, ideally multiplying disciples.  The multiplication mandate (2 Timothy 2:2) depicts three generations of discipleship in one verse (Paul discipling Timothy is one ‘generation’; Timothy discipling reliable people is a second; and reliable people discipling others is the third)!  It is the means of winning the world for Jesus.  Converts who don’t get discipled cannot generate more disciples efficiently.


The multiplication maxim – Salvos aim at multiplying multiplying disciples multiplying multiplying bases – should be our compass.  And that is implied in 2 Timothy 2:2 as Paul focusses on one person – Timothy.  And then Timothy doesn’t just grow in his love and knowledge and experience of God.  Timothy disciples reliable people.  Not just one person but maybe a handful.  He’s fruitful.  He multiplies.  Similarly (and not surprisingly, since Timothy is replicating himself in them so they end up being like him in many ways), the reliable people don’t just grow in their love and knowledge and experience of God.  They disciple others.  And we can reasonably guess that the others carry on the process as they aim at multiplying multiplying disciples… 


And the second part of the multiplication maxim is ‘multiplying multiplying bases’.  This doesn’t make any sense at initial reading, except to note that these aren’t any disciples but are engaged in significant activity.  And what’s this significant activity, multiplying multiplying bases?


Here’s a simple formula: base = cells + hubs. 


You are likely familiar with all kinds of cell groups, things like small group, life group, home group, house church, pocket church, micro church, and more.  What they share in common, for our purposes, is this: all cell groups are OPEN groups.  That is, we want more and more people to come to them each week to encounter Jesus, the Kingdom, Christian community, and so much more.


Infinitum hubs are, in contrast, CLOSED groups (in that they consist of a set group membership, typically of a couple or a few people) that provide the context for discipleship, accountability, and spiritual guidance (Infinitum is a rule of life focused on one vision – Follow Jesus; two virtues – Loving God and Loving Others; and three vows – Surrender, Generosity, and Mission[1]).


So, not only are our disciples multiplying bases – these cell groups that are underpinned by hubs – but they are multiplying, multiplying bases (bases that don’t settle with blessing the handful of people participating in them but aiming to replicate themselves again and again). 


Salvo Perspective:  There are three types of spiritual units in The Salvation Army: corps, outposts, and societies.  But outside of the Indian subcontinent and parts of Africa, you’d be hard pressed to actually find a society outside of the Year Book.  By definition, a society is a company of soldiers working together in a neighbourhood without an officer.  Now, because the term ‘society’ has different connotations in the western world than this, we’ve rebranded societies as bases. 


Did you catch that?  Now, ‘bases’, as official SA units, have these advantages, among others:

      they streamline salvationism.  That is, everything that composes SA DNA can exist in a base.

      they bypass bureaucracy.  According to the 1943 Orders and Regulations for Divisional Commanders, societies / bases do not require headquarters approval.  Why is that?  It’s mostly because bases don’t require vocational Christian leadership, dedicated facilities, or operating budgets. 

       they replicate rapidly.  The conventional model for starting a new corps is quite an exercise.  It normally involves deploying of vocational Christian leaders, securing buildings (main hall and quarters and maybe a thrift store), designating significant financial resources for many years, and more.  But to start a base really only requires the cell group to hit the maximum size in the model being used in a consistent way and having another leader ready to go.

     they revitalize the revolution.  They feature the mobilization of the people – apostles, prophets, evangelists, and shepherds and teachers (shepherds and teachers = disciplers!) – in real-life salvation war-fighting.   


So, let’s aim at multiplying multiplying disciples multiplying multiplying bases.





[1] Infinitum is a Latin word that can be translated ‘boundless’.  For more information, visit infinitumlife.com and/or download the Infinitum app.










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