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Friendship without evangelism

(A 'chief danger of the 21st century)


That is, while we agree that friendship evangelism is probably the most consistently effective means of evangelising for individuals (we’ll grant that power evangelism and mass evangelism will trump this in some circumstances), in practice it is too often too much friendship and not enough evangelism.


And that’s a gigantic problem.  We came across an evangelism guide that prompts the evangelist to list 100 friends who don’t know Jesus for purposes of prayer and to arrange evangelistic appointments.  If 1.6 million Salvationists, for example, each did that, we’d evangelise 160 million people pretty quickly!  That sounds impressive (and would be). 


The challenges are as follows:


     too careful to nurture and protect the friendship that we don’t evangelise the friends.  Now, even if this isn’t the case for you or for any Salvationists, for the sake of argument, it remains the case for too many Christians worldwide.  And though the math might suggest that all of the Christians in the world are at least 1% of the global population, it seems patently and tragically obvious that there are billions of people whose Christian friends aren’t evangelizing them. 


     not enough friends.  The second part of the problem is that we don’t have enough friends.  Maybe you saw that bit about listing 100 friends and you figured that beyond your soldier friends you might get stuck in low double digits.  You’re not alone. 


So, what’s the takeaway? 




First, Salvationists have to step in the gap created by Christians who camp out at friendship and don’t touch the evangelism by evangelizing some of the billions of people who lack a reasonable Christian witness.  That means we have to evangelise other people’s friends who are not (yet?) our friends. 


Second?  We have to make more friends.   

Look ahead.

So, by all means, engage in friendship evangelism.  If you are a solid Christian and you DON’T evangelise your friends, you are misrepresenting yourself to them.









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