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Five Books That Had An Impact On Me
by Debora Galeuchet


1.  The Bible

I love the Bible! I love it because it is God's word to us. The Bible gives me answers to questions like: What is the meaning of life? How do I get to heaven? Why is there so much sin in the world? In addition to these 'great' questions, the Bible provides a lot of practical guidance like: What is important in a partnership? How can I be a good friend? What is true success? How do I please God? The Bible is absolutely reliable and without error. God does not change and so the Bible is as relevant to us (and me) as it was at the time when it was written. The Bible introduces me to God and equips me in his service. It is a living word and through the Holy Spirit it often speaks to me in a personal and powerful way.


2.  If you want to walk on water, you've got to get out of the boat, by John Ortberg

In this book John Ortberg uses the example of Peter and invites us to get out of our comfort zone and to walk on the water. He writes that God’s calling for all of us is to live a life on the waves where we are totally dependent on the presence of Jesus. Ortberg writes about failure with a new perspective by pointing not to the sinking Peter but to the disciples who stayed in the security of the boat and didn’t step outside of their comfort zone. This book raised a new desire in me to experience more of God's presence and power in my life. It made me reflect on areas in my life where I need to step out of my “security boat” and walk on the water so that the impossible becomes possible - also in my life.


3.  The Great Omission, by Dallas Willard

In this book Dallas Willard writes that many Christians never live a fulfilled life because they live a Christian life without discipleship. Jesus called us to follow him in a very practical way. We are not disciples if we are not continually being changed in our heart and in our everyday life. Real obedience towards Christ –Willard writes – will turn our lives upside down. This obedience can be learnt by spiritual exercises such as solitude and silence, prayer and fasting, study of the Bible and worship, fellowship and service as well as confession of sins. These spiritual exercises create a "fertile environment" in which our inner being can be transformed. If you are not satisfied with your poor spiritual life this book can challenge you (as it challenged me) to walk in the footsteps of Jesus who takes you by his hand and leads you into a life of true fulfillment.


4.  William Booth - The General next to God, by Richard Collier

This book tells the story of how William and Catherine became the founder of The Salvation Army. It describes not only the life of William Booth but also the emergence and growth of The Salvation Army. In the book there are also numerous drawings and black-and-white photos. The explanations are very lively and vivid so I could imagine the situation directly before my mind's eye. In this book many details are given which are not mentioned in other biographies - for example, the emergence of The Salvation Army in Germany and Switzerland (including the struggle of the Confederation against this new movement) or the work of Bramwell Booth, the son and successor of William Booth. This book challenged me to be courageous and to dare to go new ways. It is also a strong testimony of God’s faithfulness towards his people and what is possible when his people follow him without compromise.


5.  Devotional Classics, by Richard Foster and James Smith

As a follower of Jesus I don’t want to hold back, I want to walk in his ways without any fear. I want to be transformed into the person God meant me to be. In this book, Richard Foster and James Smith show that a life of devotion to God can be a feast. It explores texts of significant spiritual authors of different centuries for our personal devotional time. People such as Augustine, Luther, Kierkegaard, Brother Lorenz and Henri Nouwen write about their own journey into a deeper level of intimacy with God. This whole book was/is an invitation to me to deepen my dedication to Jesus Christ and to grow in my friendship with him.








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