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Editorial Introduction
by Major Stephen Court, Editor


FIVE BOOKS - volume 3


Greetings in Jesus' name.  Welcome to JAC109, the 109th issue of Journal of Aggressive Christianity.  The theme for ‘109 is FIVE BOOKS.  Long time JAC readers will remember this old series starting in 2003 with JAC26 and contributions from (then) Major Janet Munn, Colonel Dennis Phillips, Commissioner Wesley Harris, (then) Captain Danielle Strickland, (then) Commissioner Shaw Clifton, and me.  In 2008 – JAC57 – we picked up the ‘series’ with contributions from Commissioner Douglas Davis, (then) Major Willis Howell, (then) Captain Amy Reardon, Captain Genevieve Peterson, and Commissioner Joe Noland.  You can read both issues, here:




And it’s been almost a decade since.  But the hits keep coming with our third installment of this popular series.  This is the largest to date:


We’ve got eight contributors this time; And way more than the 40 titles you’d THINK would be generated for a ‘FIVE books’ theme by EIGHT writers!


We should clarify that contributors were expected to feature five books OTHER THAN the Bible.  We believe that the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament are given by inspiration of God and that they only constitute the divine rule of Christian faith and practice.  So, among many other things, they are the gold standard for how we are to live and fight.  They provide the most comprehensive and trustworthy revelation of God's character and purposes.  Don't misunderstand that we are suggesting that any of the titles named can hold a candle to the Bible.


That said, here are our contributors:


Major Stacy Birks is a USW training officer and pioneer of The Open Table cell (and network)  We get a glimpse at the impact of her preaching way back in 2006's JAC44:



Debora Galeuchet is a candidate intern in Switzerland, Austria, and Hungary Territory with her husband. Her mom was interviewed four years ago in JAC84 here:



Envoy Roy Snapp-Kolas looks to help formerly homeless people help homeless people become formerly homeless people in corps that he has started or currently leads in USW.


Lieutenant Dawn Apuan (USW) is a graduate of The War College immersed in pastoral care in social services. Dawn has several entries in JAC, including JAC73/74/75 in 2011 as Cadet Dawn-Marie Paulson:





Lieutenant-Colonel Ian Barr is a ‘retired’ UKI officer who teaches, preaches, and writes from a theological perspective.  He gets a nod in 2009's JAC64 editorial intro for his chapters in the BOSTON COMMON: Salvationist perspectives on holiness:



Lieutenant-Colonel Doug O’Brien is a ‘retired’ USW officer with a huge personal library currently helping develop large projects in Southern California. His daughter Claire O'Brien-Hawk contributed to JAC108:



Lieutenant Vanessa Coleman is a corps officer (of two at a time!) in UKI Territory pioneering in prayer and the prophetic. She has written in JAC92:


been interviewed in 2015's JAC95:


and which was repeated in the Interview issue, with every JAC interview, JAC100:



Major Peter McGuigan is an author (he has a new book called The Leadership Of Jesus coming out this year) and Communications and Public Relations Secretary in Sri Lanka Territory.


Enjoy.  Be inspired and challenged.  Read the Bible every day and memorise verses in it.  But, also, maybe pick up a title or two from each contributor.  Share the lists with your friends.  Craft your own list?  And if it isn’t inspiring enough – maybe read some more excellent books and let them shape you in the image of our Sovereign Jesus Christ. 










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