Captain Stephen Court

Captain Stephen Court, and his wife Captain Danielle Strickland invest in several initiatives to help win the world for Jesus, including MMCCXX, a plot to see new outposts in 2,000 cities in 200 countries in 20 years.  BE A HERO Campaign to raise up 10,000 heroes for children at risk,, Journal of Aggressive Christianity, and books and CDs, all while seeking authentic Christian community and trying to incite a Jesus Revolution.



For questions or comments, write him at

Messages by Captain Stephen Court

Intercession - Build the Wall - Nehemiah 1:1-11

Showers of Blessings - Ezekiel 34:26

Spiritual Warfare - The People in the War

5 things we can learn from the Wisemen

Captains Stephen Court & Danielle Strickland from Aggressive Christianity Conference 2002

Joshua 5 - Captain Steve Court





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