Aggressive Christianity Conference


Aggressive Christianity Councils, hosted by Box Hill Salvos in Melbourne,
is a retro conference engaging today's culture with revival fires of the Army.
The style is decidely primitive salvationist, that is, chari-flavoured,
mission-focussed heroism.

For more information visit the Box Hill Salvos site:


Suburban Stream - Jeff Lucas (ACC 2005)
Reform... by the Grace of God - Sandra Ryan (ACC 2005)
Aggression Session - Russell Rook (ACC 2005)
John 13 - Colonel Philip Dennis (ACC 2000)
Sound the Advance - Captain Di Corkery (ACC 2002)
Non-negotiables - General Eva Burrows (ACC 2002)
Survivor - Captain John Evans (ACC 2002)
Captains Stephen Court & Danielle Strickland (ACC 2002)
Ezekiel 37 - Captain Danielle Strickland (ACC 2002)
Joshua 5 - Captain Steve Court (ACC 2002)

The conference typically includes many gifted speakers including General Eva Burrows,
Captain Stephen Court, Captain Danielle Strickland, Captain John Evans, Captain Di Corkery, and Major Ross Hailes. 

The motto for the 2002 conference was:
"Equipping Salvationists for passionate and effective ministry in the 21st century."


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