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Music Resources

Musik makes the world go 'round.  Tune in to the WORD & let it be the song of your soul.  Can you feel the Jesus beat?

Life thru the Spirit

Living as Children of Light

Music:  Jim Dreyer
Words:  God (NIV Bible)
read by Clint Houlbrook

For further information, contact - Clint Houlbrook

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Video Resources

"A Story to Tell"
Note:  For Christian ministry purposes, a higher resolution file is available for download.

    High resolution,
very large file size, 162 MB
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    Medium resolution,
large file size, 45 MB
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If you download one of these files, please send us an email, and tell us how you are using the video.

Kristen Ivany made this video as a project during the Territorial School of Music & Gospel Arts.  She searched the internet for graphic images of both the extreme need in the world and the Kingdom response.

"One Thing"
Band: Finger 11
Album: Finger 11
Song: One Thing
Images: Various (web, Visual bible-Matthew)
For further information, contact - Clint Houlbrook





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