Christmas Radio Shots


Captain Curtis Cartmell & Captain Rachele Lamont of The Salvation Army Melfort Corps ( have made these audio files available for your local airplay.
They were approached by CJVR radio to produce generic Christmas messages
that are non Salvation Army specific but rather focus on Christ.

Please feel free to use these files if you find them useful





Radio Shot Title

192kbps MP3

Don't Be a Grinch

192kbps MP3 Where to find that perfect gift
192kbps MP3 Rudolph lost his job
192kbps MP3 Great gifts come from great givers
192kbps MP3 Good things come in small packages
192kbps MP3 Wise men still seek Him
192kbps MP3 Why Xmas doesn't cut it
192kbps MP3 The best Christmas Santa ever had
192kbps MP3 The Reason for the season
192kbps MP3 Even Scrooge gets a gift

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